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Bringing Change to the Prison System with the Power of Pickleball

Roger BelAir is using pickleball to support criminal justice reform

Pickleball Pro Callie Jo Smith Reveals the Key to Getting Good

Pro, coach, and Paddle Up cofounder Callie Jo Smith shares insights into her game

The Player Using Pickleball to Help Smash Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease hasn’t curbed Marcus Woodhouse’s passion for pickleball

This Detroit Pickleball Club Is Ready for the Big League

The Wolverine Pickleball club pairs up with the Detroit Pistons

Sick Tricks And Life Lessons With Pickleball Pro Irina Tereschenko

Pro player Irina Tereschenko brings wit to winning

InPickleball Issue 4 | On the Bounce | Pickleball Player of The Month | Loida Medina
The Octogenarian MD Who’s Forging A Pickleball-Loving Legacy

Octogenarian doctor Loida Medina has made loving pickleball a family affair

The Pickleball Club That’s Helping Veterans On And Off The Court

Southern Nevada Pickleball Club is helping the community and veterans

InPickleball Issue 3 | Game On | Club Spotlight | Raise the Roof | Vernon Pickleball Club | Canada
Raise The Roof

The Vernon Pickleball Association built indoor courts—and people came

InPickleball Issue 3 | Game On | First Last | Dave Fleming | Pickleball
Dave Fleming

PB pro and comedian Dave Fleming on the origins of Pickleball Palooza

InPickleball Issue 1 | On the Bounce | Pickleball Player of The Month | Mike Wardian
From Pro Runner To Pro Pickleball Player?

Professional ultra-runner Mike Wardian now brings a paddle on the road