Health and Wellness

Performance tips and physicians’ advice to keep your game in top shape.

The Picklers’ Guide To Sun Care

Expert-approved sunscreens will keep your skin safe on the court

Get A Leg Up

Increase your speed, flexibility, and playing power with this lower-body routine

The Mental Perks Of Pickleball

Your weekly match can provide you with a wide range of important mental health benefit

3 Core Moves to Improve Your Pickleball Playing Power

These core moves from trainer Fernando Chavez will help your swing and endurance

The Smart Way To Treat Your Feet

The smart way to treat your feet and avoid or recover from plantar fasciitis

Your Pickleball Swing: It’s All In The Grip

Keep your arm and hand muscles strong with this exercise routine from fitness pro Jeffery Beck

4 Partner Exercises That Will Improve Your Pickleball Game

Callie Jo Smith and her husband, Kyle, share their partner exercises

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The Joy Of Pickleball

An author discovers the joy of pickleball

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Ankle Injuries And Pickleball

How to avoid and recover from ankle injuries