Put A Spin On It

Yes, you can learn to create backspin. Coach Michelle Esquivel shows you how

An Athlete’s Journey: Making Pickleball More Accessible

Adaptive athlete Twila Adams is working to make pickleball more accessible for all

Let Loose

Massage guns that soothe soreness so you can bounce back for your next match

Side Hustle

Workout moves that improve your flexibility and range of motion during the game

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How To Demo A Paddle

You’ve chosen a new paddle—but how do you know if it’s right for you? These 8 guidelines will help

Burning Questions

Selkirk’s Rob Barnes and ProKennex’s Steve Dawson weigh in on a few other issues

The Kitchen

Jared Paul and Jason Aspes, cofounders of The Kitchen, have built a vibrant virtual community of people who love this sport

The Modern Paddle: An Origin Story

When Boeing engineer Arlen Paranto made a pickleball paddle for his son out of discarded jet floor paneling back in 1984, he unintentionally revolutionized the sport.

Play With Style

These cool designs will have you ruling your look—and the court

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25 paddles that have something for everyone—whether you’re looking for power, spin, or control