InPickleball peak performance -Your pregame prep - Rotated lunge with reach
Your Pregame Prep

Up your pregame prep with this routine from Pilates instructor Ashley Patten

InPickleball Style Strategies - Vibrant pickleball picks
Vibrant Pickleball Picks

Show your true colors with our vibrant picks

New Kids On The Court

Pickleball’s getting cooler and passionate players are getting younger. Meet the sport’s next generation

InPickleball Go There - Pickleball - Seattle Washington - WA - Bainbridge Island
Take Your Paddle To Seattle

Savor the setting and thriving culinary scene of this sophisticated city, just a ferry ride away from the birthplace of pickleball

InPickleball Equipment Buzz - Pickleballs - Have a ball
Have A Ball

The perfect pickleball for acing every kind of match

InPickleball - Steven Colbert on Court - Pickleball
Colbert Holds Court

Stephen Colbert shares how pickleball took over his world, leading to his fun new celeb-packed special, Pickled

Advice on Third Shot Drops, Beginner Open Play, And Questionable Calls

Celebrity coach Matthew Manasse answers your pressing pickleball questions

Pro player Altaf Merchant has some keen insights into the game

Advice from Pickleball pro Altaf Merchant

What single piece of advice improved your pickleball skills?

Heed any (or all!) of these player-tested, player-approved maxims

Hot + Cold = Healing Power

This temperature-based therapy boosts muscle recovery, strength, and mood