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8 Pickleball Sneakers That Will Take Your Game To The Next Level

Pick the perfect pair: sneakers that will have you cheering “Game On!”

InPickleball Issue 2 | Volley | News and Notes | First Time | Places | Missouri Pickleball Club
New Venues Where You Can Have A Ball

Three exciting new places to play—from outdoor courts in Alaska to the country’s largest indoor pickleball venue

InPickleball Issue 2 | Volley | News and Notes | First Time | People | Maxine Brown
Game-Time Decisions

We asked pickleball players from all over the country, aged 16 to 86, to look back on their memories of the sport and finish this sentence: “I remember the first time I…”

InPickleball Issue 2 | Volley | News and Notes | First Time | Things | CRBN Paddle Pickleball Paddle
Pickleball Made Me Do It!

Playing the game inspired three entrepreneurs to create products that make pickleball even more fun

Pickleball Gold

The sport faces many hurdles on the road to Olympic inclusion. But that won’t stop its proponents from chasing their dream

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Nice Shot! A Few of Our Favorite Pickleball Posts

Now serving! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram (@inpickleball) or send your best pickleball shots to

8 of the Funniest Ways We’ve Heard Players Describe Pickleball

What’s the funniest way you’ve heard people refer to pickleball?

InPickleball Issue 1 | Game On | First Last | Jessie Irvine | Pro Pickleball
Pickleball Pro Jessie Irvine Talks Paddles, Slang, and the Most Recent Move She Mastered

Pro player Jessie Irvine on her pre-match rituals and the last person she’s want to face across the net

InPickleball Issue 1 | On the Bounce | Pickleball Quiz | What Kind of Player Are You?
What Kind Of Pickleball Player Are You?

Use this quiz to determine your courtside personality

How to Speak Picklease

Ten terms to make you sound like a pickleball expert