We Caught Up With Tyson McGuffin

The pickleball pro wins on the court—and in fashion. Listen in as he shares a wealth of valuable tips and tricks

Pickle Party

Add homemade pickles to your party menu to pay homage to the sport—and because they’re a tangy, tasty treat for all

Welcome To The Pickleball Palace

Peek inside a one-of-a-kind club that combines fancy cars, top-notch treatment, and playing for charity

Local Hero— Pickleball Ken

A passion for sports, a huge heart, and an endless drive to build bonds through the game is what fuels Ken Marquardt, and has made him a Denver icon

Game Changer At The Historic Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle Club

The historic Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle Club trades tennis courts for pickleball play, pioneering a nationwide trend

InPickleball Work Wise - PQL Club visor
PQL Club Founder: Sabina Nathanson

Entrepreneur Sabina Nathanson brings chic style to the court

Step Up Your Power

This full-body routine from trainer Michael Matthews helps build strength, agility, endurance, and playing power

Celebrity Pickler Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry Brings Energy To The Court

The beloved Friends star loves the game so much, he had a court put in at home.

InPickleball Final Serve - Catherine Parenteau
Pro Player Catherine Parenteau Shares Her Physical and Mental Strategies

Advice from pickleball pro Catherine Parenteau

InPickleball | Issue 10 | Go There | Oahu Hawaii Surf and Turf | Pickleball
Surf & Turf Oahu

A stunning coastline, a bustling city, and lots of court time make the island of Oahu a vacationer’s paradise